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Posts for: August, 2021

By Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
August 10, 2021
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: Dental Crown  

Dental crowns are an essential part of dentistry! Got a root canal? Probably need a dental crown. Got a dental implant? Probably need a dental crown. Got aesthetically unpleasing teeth you want to hide while eating, speaking, or smiling? Probably need a dental crown. At Reston Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, Drs. Monica Neshat and Joy Jang offer patients in the Reston, VA, dental crowns to fix major and minor issues.

What is a Dental Crown?

It's a prosthetic oral appliance that fits over teeth like a cap to cover all surfaces. Crowns come in different materials:

  • Metal like palladium, nickel, and chromium. They are durable and require only a small amount of tooth removed.
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal can be matched to the color of your natural teeth.
  • All-resin is more cost-friendly than other crown types because it contains liquid synthetic resin materials that are permanently hardened with acrylic polymer and polymethyl methacrylate.
  • All-ceramic or all-porcelain provide the best natural color match, especially for front teeth, and are good for people who suffer from metal allergies.
  • Pressed ceramic has a hard inner core and capped with porcelain to provide a natural color match.

Fun Facts About Dental Crowns:

Fact #1 Dental crowns are a restoration that preserves the remaining structure of heavily decayed, injured, or abscessed teeth.

Fact # 2 They only need a few visits to your Reston dentist's office. Staff will take a digital X-ray to see how viable the tooth is, then begin treatment by numbing the tooth, removing old fillings and/or decay, then shape the tooth and take an oral impression to be sent to a dental lab to make a custom-made crown. The final visit is when the dentist adheres the dental crown to your tooth.

Fact #3 With proper care, dental crowns can last as long as 10 to 15 years. So avoid unhealthy, sugary foods and beverages, and opening containers and bags with teeth.

Fact #4 Because crowns support and protect teeth, they're used with other oral restorations like root canals and dental implants.

Would you like to learn more about crowns?

If you'd like to learn more about dental crowns, don't hesitate to contact Reston Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. Drs. Monica Neshat and Joy Jang can make an appointment or answer questions at their Reston, VA, office when you call (703) 437-5555.