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By Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
January 11, 2018
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What makes you look older? What makes you feel less confident? The answer to both is just this: a dingy, dull smile. Your dentists in teeth whiteningReston, VA, Dr. Monica Neshat and Dr. Joy Jang, provide the solution to deeply embedded dental stains. It's called Zoom! Whitening. Supervised, safe, fast and effective, this popular cosmetic treatment brightens tooth enamel by eight shades or more. Your friends at Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry have all the details.

Why do teeth stain?

Many factors play a role in dental discolorations:

  • Age
  • Some prescriptions, such as antihistamines or blood pressure medications
  • Dark foods such as curry, blackberries and soy sauce
  • Dark beverages such as colas, sports drinks, coffee and tea
  • Acidic foods such as tomato sauce and citrus fruit which soften enamel, making it more absorbent
  • Poor and inconsistent oral hygiene
  • Smoking cigarettes and chewing tobacco

In addition, tooth enamel is more porous than you may realize. As hard, calcified fibers make up the network we call enamel, they catch and hold food residues and other organic matter. Over time, stains result.

What's the solution?

If your teeth are free from decay and your gums free of periodontal issues, the professional staff at Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry may recommend Zoom! Whitening. Using a powerful peroxide gel, Zoom! processes bleach out the deepest of dental stains--without causing any tooth or gum sensitivity.

After a careful evaluation by Dr. Neshat or Dr. Jang, your lips and gums are protected with a synthetic dam. The dentist swabs the whitening gel on all tooth surfaces and allows to penetrate. A special light activates the gel--hence, the name "Zoom!" In just 45 minutes, the last of the gel is rinsed off, revealing a dramatically brighter smile.

If you choose, you may use custom-made whitening trays to perform the procedure in the privacy of your own home. This at-home Zoom! gel is less concentrated and takes seven days of applications for best results. However, the whitened smile is just as stunning. And, whichever method you choose, your teeth stay bright indefinitely with occasional touch-ups and by avoiding staining foods, drinks and tobacco products.

Want to know more?

Contact Reston Cosmetic & Family Dentistry in Reston, VA for a cosmetic consultation. Your dentist will help you decide which kind of Zoom! Whitening is best for your smile. Call (703) 437-5555.

By Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
September 09, 2016
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Put down the at-home whitening kit and get the results you want right here in our Reston, VA dental office.

Are you someone that’s been using that whitening toothpaste or whitening strips every day just to be disappointed that you aren’t teeth whiteningseeing the results you had hoped for? If so, then it might be time you turned to teeth whitening experts, Dr. Monica Neshat and Dr. Joy Jang in Reston, VA, to see if in-office whitening could make all the difference.

There is a reason professional in-office teeth whitening in Reston has become one of the most popular cosmetic dental treatments available. Unlike at-home whitening systems that only use a fraction of the active ingredients needed to break up stains and brighten smiles, our powerful and effective system can get some smiles up to 10 shades whiter (how’s that for powerful?) in often just one one-hour session.

As if the fast results weren’t enough of a reason to drop the at-home whitening kit and come into our office, here are some other advantages you’ll enjoy with professional whitening treatment:

  • Our system is one of the safest ways to bleach your teeth. While not everyone follows the exact instructions with at-home products, you don’t have to worry about that with when you turn to our cosmetic dentist. We have been trained to make sure you not only get the results you want but that we also do it safely.
  • Some people suffer from gum or tooth sensitivity during whitening treatment, which may lead people to shy away from this treatment, but we make it easier to still get that whiter smile you want while also using desensitizing products to help reduce your sensitivity.
  • You may continue to maintain your vibrant results for up to two years if you keep up with good oral hygiene, professional routine cleanings and if you avoid certain foods and drinks that can stain teeth.

From teeth whitening to dental implants, we do it all. Turn to Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry for the results you want for your smile. Call us today!

By Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
March 10, 2016
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Everyone wants to look their best, and for many that includes having whiter teeth. From the office of Reston Family and Cosmetic teeth whiteningDentistry in Reston, VA, here is some information about professional teeth whitening.

How does teeth whitening work?

Before your teeth whitening procedure, you’ll need a comprehensive exam. This will help determine whether you’re a good candidate and catch any dental conditions that must be treated first.

During the procedure, your lips and gums are protected while a peroxide-based bleaching solution is applied to your teeth. Sometimes heat or light is used to accelerate the process. The entire procedure usually takes about 30 minutes to one hour.

Will it hurt?

When performed by a qualified Reston dentist, teeth whitening should not be painful. Some patients experience mild tooth sensitivity for several days following the procedure, but this is normal and should fade quickly. Of course, if you experience pain at any point during the procedure, let your dentist know right away.

How long do the results last?

That depends on your oral hygiene habits, and on how frequently your teeth are exposed to substances like red wine, cola, coffee, or cigarette smoke. Your results may last up to a year or more, or your teeth may begin to stain as soon as one month after your treatment. Avoiding deeply colored substances and brushing regularly will help your teeth stay white as long as possible.

Can I do it at home?

Although you can purchase at-home whitening kits, teeth whitening should always be performed under the supervision of a qualified dental professional.

Attempting to whiten teeth at home frequently leads to side effects such as chemical burns, uneven tooth color, extreme tooth sensitivity, infection or digestive problems. This is because the bleaching solution is often more abrasive and more difficult to keep away from the soft tissues of your mouth.

Will it work for me?

Teeth whitening works best on teeth that are stained in shades of yellow. Brown or gray stains don’t respond as well, nor do stains that are caused by internal damage to the tooth such as trauma or side effects from medications. Your dentist will let you know what to expect, and whether you might need to schedule several appointments to get your desired results.

Reston Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is one of the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedures, and a great way to achieve a brighter smile quickly and conveniently. For gentle and effective teeth whitening in Reston, VA, call Reston Family and Cosmetic Dentistry at (703) 437-5555 or request your appointment now.

By Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
January 29, 2015
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If you are one of the many people interested in teeth whitening in Reston, you'll want to pay attention. There is an exciting new teeth whitening procedure that you need to know about. It's called Zoom! Teeth Whitening, and it's giving people all over Reston the amazing teeth whitening they never thought was possible.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening isn't just another teeth whitening solution exactly like those that Reston residents have already tried. Read on about four great benefits that Zoom! Teeth Whitening offers that set it apart.

1. It is Quick and Convenient

With at-home teeth whitening solutions, it can take weeks or even months to see any results, and those results often don't last. Also, some teeth whitening solutions, such as white strips, require you to wear them every day for days on end. Talk about inconvenient! Zoom! Teeth Whitening, on the other hand, can be completed in only one 45 to 60 minute dental visit, and you'll see amazing results by the time your appointment is over!

2. It is Effective

If you want truly remarkable teeth whitening, the only way you are going to get it is by visiting your dentist in Reston. At-home teeth whitening solutions simply don't contain strong enough chemicals to produce real, noticeable and lasting results. Instead, many of them contain chemicals that dye your teeth blue, giving the appearance of whiter teeth without actually removing any stains.

3. It is Nearly Risk-Free

While minor tooth sensitivity has been reported by patients who have used Zoom! Teeth Whitening in the past, that is the only known side effect. (Furthermore, it is a side effect of every teeth whitening method Reston residents use.) Zoom! Teeth Whitening doesn't hurt and it doesn't cause problems or symptoms. What do you have to lose?

4. You'll Love How You Look

Lastly, you'll love how amazing you look once you finally get the teeth whitening you've been wanting. You'll smile more, you'll be happier, and you'll be better able to enjoy your life again without constantly having to hide your smile. This alone makes Zoom! Teeth Whitening completely worth it!

If you're ready to finally uncover a gorgeous smile you can be proud to show off, don't bother with messy, ineffective and inconvenient at-home systems. Call Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry and ask about Zoom! Teeth Whitening today!

By Reston Family and Cosmetic Dentistry
December 17, 2014
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Here are all the day-to-day activities that are causing your dental stains.

If you look in the mirror and give a big smile, what do you see? Are you teeth a little more dull than they used to be? Maybe they may even be yellowing in some spots. If so, this is a pretty common complaint and can be remedied once you know what could be causing these stains. Your Reston dentist pinpoints the major day-to-day causes of your yellowing teeth.

1. That morning cup o’ Joe: About 83 percent of American adults drink coffee, which makes our country the biggest consumer of this beverage in the world. This averages to about three cups of coffee a day per person. So if you find yourself stumbling toward the coffee pot zombie-like in the morning, you may be unknowingly contributing to dental stains. If you can’t wean yourself off your daily caffeine binge, then try using a straw to sip your coffee. This way, less of the staining beverage will come in contact with your teeth.

2. That pre-workout sports drink: After an exhausting workout, nothing seems more refreshing than guzzling that sports drinks; however, these bottled beverages are highly acidic, which can weaken your tooth’s enamel and cause some nasty stains. To make matters worse, many sports drinks also have a high sugar content, which can cause decay. To protect teeth from stains, opt for a nice cold bottle of water after an intense workout.

3. Your afternoon tea: Sometimes you need a quick afternoon pick-me-up to get you through the rest of the workday. This is usually about the time some people switch to a cozy cup of tea. However tea is very similar to wine, as they both contain stain-causing tannins. In fact, tea may even stain teeth more than coffee. If you absolutely can’t part with your tea, then opt for herbal, white or green teas, which are less likely to stain.

4. When you feed your sugar cravings: Usually about the time you need that quick cup of tea you may also feel your blood sugar starting to plummet. This is when your body seems to be screaming for a chocolate or candy jolt and you may find yourself staring at the vending machine around 2pm. However, we all know how bad sugar is for our teeth and unless you plan to brush your teeth immediately after, we recommend opting for smile-friendly snacks instead like nuts, which can give you the energy you need to last you until the end of the workday.

Those unsightly yellow stains can make anyone self-conscious. If you’ve been trying whitening toothpastes and commercial gels without much success, it might be time to consider professional teeth whitening in Reston. We have the technology to get your teeth up to 10 shades whiter in under an hour! Call us today to see if teeth whitening is right for you.