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Posts for: February, 2020

By Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
February 18, 2020
Category: Oral Health
Tags: implants   Bridgework  

How your dentists in Reston, VA, can rebuild your smile

If you need to replace missing teeth, you may be wondering what your tooth replacement options might be. Thanks to modern dental treatments and materials, you now have more ways to replace teeth than ever before. Dr. Monica A. Neshat and Dr. Joy C. Yang of Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Reston, VA, offer a wide range of tooth replacement options to choose from to rebuild your smile—read on to learn more!

Dental implants

One of the most popular tooth replacement options available today comes in the form of dental implants. With the ability to look and function just like natural teeth, implants are fully embedded in bone, ensuring that they will never move around. You also brush and floss dental implants just like natural teeth, so it’s easy to keep your smile healthy and beautiful. Dental implants can last a lifetime and the dental crown material is stain-resistant, providing years of exquisite, natural beauty. Finally, they are the most successful surgical implant, boasting a success rate of over 95 percent, according to the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons.


Another great option to replace teeth is dental bridgework. With this treatment option, you can either replace a single missing tooth or multiple missing teeth. A dental bridge consists of prosthetic teeth, called pontics, which take the place of missing teeth. The pontics are supported by the teeth adjacent to the vacant space. These teeth are crowned and the bridge is cemented onto them. Dental bridgework is a convenient solution because you never have to remove the piece.

Dental Appliances

Dental appliances are another popular choice for tooth replacement. Whether you need to replace just a few teeth with a partial denture, or need to replace a complete arch of teeth with a full denture, dental appliances are an economical tooth replacement option. They are sturdy and built to last, providing years of dependable smiles. You can choose from immediate appliances, which are placed right after teeth are removed, or conventional appliances, which are placed after your tissue has healed at about 6 to 8 weeks.

Need dental work? Give us a call

To learn more about which tooth replacement option may be best for you, contact Dr. Monica A. Neshat and Dr. Joy C. Yang of Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Reston, VA, today by dialing (703) 437-5555.