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By Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
March 16, 2022
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: Teeth Whitening  

The best type of whitening for your smile depends on what you are hoping to accomplish. Talk with Dr. Monica Neshat at Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Reston, VA, to figure out what your smile goal is!

Whitening Toothpaste

This is certainly the easiest method of whitening, but will brushing alone produce your whitest smile? Probably not. Whitening toothpaste use chemicals and abrasives to remove some surface stains caused by foods, beverages, and smoking. They can also be used to maintain the appearance of your teeth after professional whitening. However, toothpaste alone cannot change the natural color of your teeth or penetrate the surface of the tooth to remove deeper stains. Whitening toothpaste usually takes several weeks to produce results. Be sure to choose a product with a seal of approval from a reputable dental association and carefully follow the instructions for use.

Whitening Strips and Gel Trays

Whitening gels can be applied at home with strips or tray kits. These peroxide-based gels are stronger than the formulas used in toothpaste.

Strips come coated with the whitening gel and work when pressed to your teeth for a specified amount of time. One difficulty here is making sure each tooth is completely covered by the strip so that even whitening takes place. Tray and gel whitening systems provide a mouthguard-like appliance that is filled with whitening gel and applied to your teeth, again for a specific period. Because one size does not fit all, stock trays can be ill-fitting and lead to problems with gums and soft tissue. You can talk to our team about a custom-fitted appliance and whether gel whitening is your best option.

Some users find gel products cause tooth and gum sensitivity and even enamel damage. These over-the-counter gel products will not work on caps, veneers, crowns, or bridges, and there might be underlying conditions in your natural teeth that will make the use of these products ineffective. Please talk to us at your next visit if you are interested in whitening at home, so we can advise you on how to achieve the best and safest outcome.

Office Treatment

Professional whitening makes use of a gel with a higher concentration of peroxide and should only be provided by a member of our team at our office. This process is generally faster, more effective, and longer-lasting. We take care first to examine your teeth for pre-existing conditions such as cavities and gum disease that could cause problems. We protect your gums when the gel is applied in-office and monitor the procedure. We can assess the whitening progress and suggest further treatment if needed. Custom mouthpieces can also be an option if you would like to use a whitening gel at home. A personally molded tray will fit your teeth perfectly and allow a more precise application of the peroxide gel.

Some teeth are not good candidates for normal whitening procedures at home or in-office. If you have dark stains caused by trauma, drugs such as tetracycline, discoloration due to root canals, or darker dental bonding, crowns, or other prosthetics, please talk to Dr. Neshat at Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Reston, VA. Call our office today at (703) 437-5555.

By Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
December 08, 2021
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: Dental Crowns  

Learn more about the benefits of getting dental crowns.

A dental crown may resemble a real tooth but there is a whole lot that it can offer a damaged smile. Our Reston, VA, cosmetic dentists Dr. Monica Neshat and Dr. Joy Jang pride themselves on crafting custom crowns that are made to look just like the rest of your smile. Whether you need to get a dental crown or are wondering if your smile could benefit from one, here are the advantages of getting a dental crown from our team of cosmetic dentists,

Crafted to Fit You

A dental crown is a custom-made restoration that requires esthetic skills and cosmetic expertise. Our Reston, VA, dentists pride themselves on creating crowns that look just like your natural smile. Our crowns are also made with the closest and most precise fit to protect and preserve a tooth. All of our restorations are designed exclusively for you.

Long-Lasting and Dependable

There’s a reason crowns are still being used to preserve what’s left of a natural tooth or teeth after decay, injury, or infection. A crown is a reliable restoration that encapsulates the natural crown of a tooth to make it stronger. With the proper care, porcelain or tooth-colored crown can last up to a decade or more before needing to be replaced.

Save Your Natural Smile

It’s always easier and more cost-effective, not to mention better for the overall health of your smile, to maintain your own natural teeth. While there are instances where the best option is to extract a tooth, most of the time we can simply repair the damage or treat infection and then place a crown over the tooth. A crown will provide an added layer of protection to restore strength and functionality back into the tooth.

A Versatile Restoration

Another cool benefit of crowns is all of the things you can do with them. While they certainly offer restorative benefits, that’s not all! Crowns are also cosmetic. Say you have a damaged tooth that is discolored or misshapen. A crown can easily correct the damage and the imperfections. Plus, crowns can be used to support dental bridges and cover implants to replace missing teeth. How’s that for versatility?

If you have questions about getting dental crowns from our Reston, VA, dentists Dr. Neshat and Dr. Jang, don’t hesitate to call Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry at (703) 437-5555 to learn more. Turn to our team for all of your cosmetic and restorative dental needs.

By Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
November 29, 2021
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: Cosmetic dentistry  

Are you looking for cosmetic dentistry in Reston, VA? If so, then look no further than Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, where Dr. Monica Neshat and Dr. Joy Jang would be happy to assist you. There are numerous ways that a cosmetic dentist may be able to help you. Take a look at a few of the top benefits below!

You Can Take Care of Your Teeth and Gums

One of the first benefits of working with a cosmetic dentist in the local area is that you can take care of your teeth and gums. You may not realize just how much you use your teeth during the course of the day, but they play an integral role in your speech and diet. A few ways a cosmetic dentist can help you take care of your teeth include:

  • They can make sure your teeth are straight, making them easier to take care of.
  • A cosmetic dentist can help you remove plaque and tartar. 
  • They can help you identify cavities, feeling them before they spread.

These are just a few of the many ways a cosmetic dentist can help you take care of your teeth and gums. 

You Can Restore Your Smile

In addition, when you visit cosmetic dentistry in Reston, VA, you can restore your smile. If you look in the mirror, you may notice a chipped or cracked tooth. You might also notice that some of your teeth overlap each other. You may even feel like some of your teeth are stained.

These are just a few of the most common reasons why people visit a cosmetic dentist who can help them improve their smile. Whether you are looking to straighten your teeth, whiten your teeth, or fix chips and cracks, a cosmetic dentist can help you. That way, when you look in the mirror, you will fall in love with the smile you see! If you want to improve your smile, work with a local cosmetic dentist. 

You Can Improve Your Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem

Finally, one of the biggest benefits of working with a cosmetic dentist is that you can significantly improve your self-confidence and self-esteem. If you don't like the look of your smile in the mirror, then this can be a significant self-esteem problem. A cosmetic dentist in the local area can help you take a look at your smile, and make recommendations about how you can improve your teeth, and help you improve your overall confidence.

If you are looking for a way to improve your smile, then you should work with a cosmetic dentistry team in Reston, VA. Dr. Neshat and Dr. Jang with Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. Call (703) 437-5555 today to make an appointment.

By Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
September 23, 2021
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: dental bonding  

Dental bonding from your cosmetic dentists in Reston, VA, can enhance your smile.

A damaged smile can make you look older than you are. Small chips, cracks, and tooth wear can be corrected with dental bonding! Dr. Monica Neshat and Dr. Joy Jang at Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Reston, VA, offer a wide range of family and cosmetic dentistry services, including dental bonding to enhance your smile.

Dental bonding is a tooth-colored material that can hide imperfections to give you a great-looking smile. Dental bonding is right for you if you have teeth that are:

  • Worn down due to aging
  • Chipped from bad habits
  • Cracked from dental trauma

Dental bonding is also right for you if you want to:

  • Make your smile look more even
  • Improve the shape of your teeth
  • Hide some discolorations
  • Make gaps between your teeth appear smaller

Dental bonding uses a material known as composite, which starts out as a liquid. The composite is matched closely to the shade of your existing teeth, so when it’s finished, your bonding treatment will blend right in.

The composite is sculpted and shaped to enhance the natural contours of your teeth, hiding minor flaws in your smile. The liquid composite is then hardened with ultraviolet light. The end result is a flawless cosmetic treatment that repairs and renews your smile.

Dental bonding is right for you because it is:

  • Painless- bonding doesn’t require anesthetic
  • Non-invasive- no tooth structure is removed
  • Cost-effective- you can completely transform your smile at minimal cost

To discover more about dental bonding and what it can do for your smile, talk with the experts. Call Dr. Neshat and Dr. Jang of Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Reston, VA, at (703) 437-5555 now!

By Reston Family & Cosmetic Dentistry
August 10, 2021
Category: Cosmetic Dentistry
Tags: Dental Crown  

Dental crowns are an essential part of dentistry! Got a root canal? Probably need a dental crown. Got a dental implant? Probably need a dental crown. Got aesthetically unpleasing teeth you want to hide while eating, speaking, or smiling? Probably need a dental crown. At Reston Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, Drs. Monica Neshat and Joy Jang offer patients in the Reston, VA, dental crowns to fix major and minor issues.

What is a Dental Crown?

It's a prosthetic oral appliance that fits over teeth like a cap to cover all surfaces. Crowns come in different materials:

  • Metal like palladium, nickel, and chromium. They are durable and require only a small amount of tooth removed.
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal can be matched to the color of your natural teeth.
  • All-resin is more cost-friendly than other crown types because it contains liquid synthetic resin materials that are permanently hardened with acrylic polymer and polymethyl methacrylate.
  • All-ceramic or all-porcelain provide the best natural color match, especially for front teeth, and are good for people who suffer from metal allergies.
  • Pressed ceramic has a hard inner core and capped with porcelain to provide a natural color match.

Fun Facts About Dental Crowns:

Fact #1 Dental crowns are a restoration that preserves the remaining structure of heavily decayed, injured, or abscessed teeth.

Fact # 2 They only need a few visits to your Reston dentist's office. Staff will take a digital X-ray to see how viable the tooth is, then begin treatment by numbing the tooth, removing old fillings and/or decay, then shape the tooth and take an oral impression to be sent to a dental lab to make a custom-made crown. The final visit is when the dentist adheres the dental crown to your tooth.

Fact #3 With proper care, dental crowns can last as long as 10 to 15 years. So avoid unhealthy, sugary foods and beverages, and opening containers and bags with teeth.

Fact #4 Because crowns support and protect teeth, they're used with other oral restorations like root canals and dental implants.

Would you like to learn more about crowns?

If you'd like to learn more about dental crowns, don't hesitate to contact Reston Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. Drs. Monica Neshat and Joy Jang can make an appointment or answer questions at their Reston, VA, office when you call (703) 437-5555.